Last Mile Internet is the answer to all your rural internet needs - by bringing you high speed internet with unlimited data plans based on 4G LTE technology.  Last Mile Internet delivers truly unlimited data plans and the fastest speeds available. Whether you want to stream your favorite movies or TV shows, browse the web, or even play competitive online games, you’ll be able to do it almost anywhere in the US with a 25 Mbp/s average download speed!  Last Mile Internet brings high speed internet to even the most remote and rural areas.   

Cellular internet technologies have become extremely advanced in the last decade. Thanks to 4G LTE, users can stream video or play video games on their mobile devices with zero lag. While video buffering was almost a guarantee with older satellite Internet, streaming has become possible due to improvements.  However, it still lags behind cellular networks and mobile hotspots. It takes much longer for signals to travel between modems and a satellite orbiting the Earth than it does for cell phones or hotspot devices to send or receive a signal to a cell tower.  Last Mile Internet offers high speed service all month long.  The number one question we are asked is, "can i play online games?"  Our answer is Yes.  With our ultra low latency connections - buffer and lags are gone.  

How Does Last Mile Internet Work?

We use only the fastest national carriers​ to delivery blazing fast internet speeds over 4G LTE networks.  With our custom configured internet gateway and our unlimited data plan - high speed internet is just a call or click away. No installation or  clunky dishes on your house.  When you receive your internet gateway just plug it up and enjoy high speed unlimited internet.

Rural Internet

 Roughly 35% of American house holds do not have access to high speed internet service.  These facts come from a 2018 FCC report.  We are trying to close the gap in rural America.  We started out offering high speed internet service to our local customers in Tishomingo County, MS.   After our success  locally  We  recently expanded our service to offer plans in multiple  states.   We know the problems that rural customers face trying to find reliable affordable internet service.  Last Mile Internet offers you the option to stream, browse, and game online - with super low latency.

We provide the only truly Unlimited High-Speed Internet that is made for those that live in any rural area and/or those that travel a lot. We do this by combining the latest cellular data plans. And we can have you up and running in as little as 24 to 48 hours!

RV Internet

A big challenge many people face when hitting the road is finding a way to stay connected to the internet as they travel. Obviously, having RV internet access is important to most people, especially if they work online. A person’s ability to access the internet along the way can often be a determining factor in whether or not they hit the road at all as a full-time RV'er.  Luckily, there are ways to access the internet while RVing fulltime. Our RV internet solutions are  straightforward. Let us help you stay connected on the go. Last Mile Internet is here to help with all your RV internet needs.

Whether you enjoy camping in a motor home, travel trailer, or a tent, having high-speed internet at your fingertips can enhance your experience.  We understand RV’ers need fast and reliable high speed connections while on the go.  We offer hotspots and fixed wireless gateways.  Last Mile Internet is the provider who cares.

We understand how important it is to find a reliable wireless provider when you’re on the go.  With our custom programmed LTE Routers and access to the nation’s fastest and most reliable LTE 4G providers – We are the wireless partner that you want when on the go.   Our customers are our #1 priority.

Internet For Truckers

The American Trucking Association estimates there are over 500,000 long haul OTR drivers in the US as of 2019.  While you are on the road we can help keep you connected with family and friends over social media with our access to nationwide 4G LTE network access.  Our custom configured routers offer ultra low latency, and unlimited data.  Stream, browse, or game while your away from home.

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